Borders and Shading

You can apply different types of borders and colours to your text to emphasize text in a document in MS WORD .

Borders and shading heips to place lines around a specified text, and provide a background colour or pattern behind the specified text.

To apply borders and shading , perform the following steps:

step-1 click the format menu.

step-2 click the Borders and shading option. The Borders and shading dialog box appears.

Look at the borders and shading dialog box. It has three tabs:


page border


you can choose a border for the selected text using the Borders tab. you can choose a border for the entire page using the page Border option. you can choose shading for the selected text using the shading tab.

step-3 choose the appropriate options for your text . you can view the look of your text in the preview window.

step-4 click the OK button .

This makes the selected text appear according to the options you choose.

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