Computer Basic

Computer is an electronic device that can calculate. In Computer basic we will provide the basic information of computer which help to understand the computer basic operation, We will learn about computer basics with its basic fundamentals.


INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER STARTING UP THE COMPUTER: BOOTING After switching ON the computer, you generally wait for sometime before the desktop appears on the computer screen. you just sit idle for some time while different messages and the opening screen of windows are displayed. This… Read More »INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER


CONTROL STATEMENTS you have already learnt about counters and Loops. In Qbasic , loops are made with the help of control statements. Control statements are used to control the flow of the program according to your choice.These are very powerful tools for programmers. Qbasic has… Read More »MORE ON QBASIC


This language uses letters and symbols instead of binary digits. These symbols are called Mnemonics. programs written in assembly level languages are called assembly codes. Assembly codes are translated into machine level language instructions. Assembly level language is easier to understand than machine level language.… Read More »ASSEMBLY LEVEL LANGUAGE