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Posts tagged as “how to”

Headers and footers


Sometimes   you  need  a  heading     { at  the  top of the page)   or a footer ( at the bottom of the page ) for your document. step-1 click the view menu. step-2 click the Header…

Borders and Shading


You can apply different types of borders and colours to your text to emphasize text in a document in MS WORD . Borders and shading heips to place lines around a specified text, and provide…

Inserting picture / clip Art


picture  make  a document  more attractive  .  In  word  ,   you  can  insert  picture  of  your  choice  in the desired  place  .   word  itself comes  with   a  ready made  picture  gallery  known as  clip  Art, …

How to Change the Mouse settings


To make change the mouse settings; perform the following  steps:- Step-1.  Open the  control panel  by clicking on start -> setting -> control panel Step-2. Double click  the Mouse icon to  open it. Step-3. The  Mouse  properties …

How do I clear my cache on Google chrome and Firefox?


If you are continually having trouble logging into the website, your saved web history may be interfering with you entering newer/different information. In these instances you may need to clear your web history. Follow the…