Suppose  you  are  giving a   party  to  your  friends  and  relatives. You have  typed the invitation letter.  Now  you  wish  to  include  the  addresses  of  all   your friend and relative.

You can  do  this very easily  in  MS WORD   using  the Mail  Merge  option. With the help of this option,  you  can send  the same  letter  to  many  people. The  mail merge  process requires  the following  : 

>> main  Document

>>  Date Source

The  document  that  contains  letter or  text which is to be  sent is  called the  main  document.  The  file  where all  the addresses  of  the  recipients  are stored is  called the date  source.

The  process  of  combining the main document with the date source is  known as merging and  the  final  document is  known  as  merged  documents. 

The mail merge  process involves  the following  three  steps.

<<  creating  the  main document.

<< creating a data source.

<<  Merging  the  main  document  and  the  data  source.

TO  mall  merge ,  perform  the following  steps:

Step-1  open  a  New Document in MS  WORD.

Step-2  click      the   Mail  Merge option  in  the Tools  menu .  The mail  merge  Helper   dialog  box  appears.

Step-3  click  the  create button  under main  Document  .  A  drop  down  list  appears.

Step-4  click  on the  option you  want. For  example  ,  if you  click  the  form Letters  option ,   a  message  box  appears.

 Step-5  click  the  Active window butten to select  the  active  document  as  the  main  document.

Step-6  Type the  desired  text  in  the  document.

Step-7  open  the  Date source   Mail  Helper  dialog  box.

 step-8 click  the  Get  data  button  under Data sound . A drop down list appears.

Step-9 click  the  create data source  dialog  box  appears.

A  mail  merge  data  sourece  is  composed  of  rows  of  data  .The  first row  is  called  the  header  row.  Each  of  the  columns  in  the  header  row  begins  with  a  frield  name.

Word  provides  commonly  used  field  names in  a list .  you  can  add  or remove  field  names  according  to your  choice.

step-10 To add new fields just type the name of the field in the field name box and click the Add field Name button .

step-11 To remove a field from the list , select that field name and click the Remove field Name button.

 Step-12 To  change the  place of a  field name, select the field name and  click Up  to  move up wards or DoWN to move downwards.

Step-13 To  save  , click the OK butten .  The save As box appears.

Step-14 Type the name of the file in the file name box and click the OK button . The following message  box appears  as your data file is  empty

Step-15  click the  Edit  Data Source button to enter data. The  Data form appears with data fields.

Step-16  Enter the desired  data in the fields and click the OK button. You have created the main document and the data source. Now you have to merge them.

Before merging you have to insert the field to be merged, in the  main document.

Step-17 In  the  main document where you typed your letter or text, move the cursor where you have to insert customized  text.

Step-18  click  the Insert merge field button at the mail merge tool bar and select the desired field name from the dropdown for example  a  simply letter is shown below.

Step-19  Save the  document , click the view Merged Data  button on the mail merge toolbar . you  can merge data source main document .  you   can have it as a New DOCument or you  can send the out put  directly  to the printers.

Step-20  open  the main document with its data source attached .  click

the merge button at data base toolbar .

step-21  TO Merge to a new document, set the Merge TO Drop  down box as new Document in merge dialog box . choose number of records to be merged and click the Merge button.

Step-22  to merge to printer ,  set the merge to  drop down box as printer . in order to choose any other option you wish ,  click the Merge button.

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