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After switching ON the computer, you generally wait for sometime before the desktop appears on the computer screen. you just sit idle for some time while different messages and the opening screen of windows are displayed.

This process is called booting or boot-up. All the components of a computer system get ready to work only after the system boots up properly . Booting performs two tasks:

  • POST
  • Loading an operating system

POST stands for Power- On Self – Test. It refers to the process during which all the hardware components are checked for smooth running . It ensures the CPU, Memory and other devices are running properly . This process is capable of detecting only general errors.

Working of Various Parts of the Computer.

You are already familiar with the various parts of a computer, but do you know how these parts perform their tasks? Let us learn about them.

The Monitor

There are two types of computer monitors.

1. Monochrome Monitors.

2. Colour Monitors.

Monochrome monitors can depict only two colours- one in the foreground and the other in the background. colour monitors can show millions of colours and others in the background. colour monitors can show millions of colours and shades. colour monitors use the three basic colours- Red, Green and Blue ( RGB) in different proportions (intensity) to create millions of colours.

Most monitors have the same kind of Cathode Ray Tube ( CRT) which is used in television sets, Mobile computing devices such as laptop computers use a Liquid crystal display (LCD) Screen. Monitors are used to viewing both text and graphics. A monitor comprises of tiny dots called pixel stands for picture element. These help in the formation of pictures.

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