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How to Secure yourself on the Internet.


While increasing connectivity around the world is making our lives a lot easier, the dangers have also increased that our personal information can be stolen by a hacker/cybercriminal. Hackers now have many avenues through which they can steal our information and misuse it. You might think that the internet is very beneficial for you because it provides you with every type of information that you want. You can get any information from the internet within seconds whether you want to search about someone or you want to gather information for the studies internet can do anything within seconds.
One of the most featuring things on the internet is social media and you can chat with anyone from anywhere in the world. But with these advantages, the internet also comes with its disadvantages. If you are not safe on the internet then it means that your personal data and personal information can be publicly available. Or if I say hacking activities are getting increased day by day. So, in this post, I will tell you how you can be safe for the internet. So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Tips to be safe on Internet: –

Always Visit Secure Websites: –

Every day users visit websites according to their needs and choice but the thing is that some of the websites are not safe for the internet. If a website’s link starts from https:// then it is a completely safe website. But if it starts from http:// then it can be hacked by hackers and they can also affect your system because you are visiting this website. So, avoid visiting websites starting from http://

Password protect Keep a strong password:-

It is important to keep your password safe. This password is the first security cover against hackers and other threats. In the case of passwords, it is very important to pay attention to some things. Your password shouldn’t be easy. Nor should it be such that it is easy to guess. Therefore, do not create your password on your phone number, birthday, or in the name of your family or any other family member.

When you log in to Google, Facebook and many other such websites, the website address starts with https. You can trust them with great ease.

If only http is written on a website, then it means you should be a little careful. The word ‘S’ used there is related to security.

Avoid giving personal information on a website which is http written.

Double verification:-

Almost all services (email, social media, etc.) now offer the option of double verification. You can access it through security settings. When you enable or enable a dual verification system, every time you log in to your account on any device, you are required to provide OTP along with the password. OTP is the security code that is generated automatically.

Most users do not enable this option. The reason is that it causes inconvenience in the login process. However, don’t forget that this increases the security of your account.

Security update:-

If you have a smartphone, then there are often messages about software and app updates. But for fear of data consumption, you ignore it and leave it wondering what a difference it makes! But let me tell you it makes a big difference. This not only improves the performance of your phone but also makes your phone more secure than before.

Online fraud:-

How can online thugs be left behind when online shopping is happening on such a large scale? They have had fun. They are printing good money by doing online fraud. Their eyes are on your money. They are constantly trying new ways to steal your money. But whatever the method, the basis is always greed. (Note: If you do not delete the cookies after the transaction then it becomes easy for international hackers to read your details. Hence whenever a payment is done through the browser. Do not forget to delete cookies by going to the settings of the browser.)

Keep these things in mind while downloading the app:-

Just download the authoritative app, what kind of permissions are being asked while installing the app, do not save your debit or credit card details in any app, keep updating your phone’s software continuously, any free screensaver available Or do not fall in the trap of any offer Do not click on any suspicious or unknown link.

Watch Out for Phishing Attempt: –

Phishing attacks are mostly used hacking methods to make a similar page to other pages such as Facebook or other social media login page and pretend it to be original website and ask you to enter your username and password. Once you enter your login credentials they are said to the hacker because they are entered into a fake login page. To avoid these attacks always check the website URL before logging in.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi: –

Public Wi-Fi is very good because they provide free internet. You might also use public Wi-Fi
sometimes to avoid buying internet. But this can be very dangerous for you. As public Wi-Fi does not have any password there are many chances of getting them hacked hacker can access every system that is connected to that Wi-Fi. Avoid using public Wi-Fi.

Always Download Apps from Official Sources: –

Play Store for android is the best source to download applications and games all the apps and games available on Play Store for hundred percent safe and Virus free. But do not try to download and update applications or games from any third-party websites or sources because sometime they might contain Malware that can harm your system.

Use Antivirus & VPN:-

Make sure that you have an antivirus and VPN installed in your system it will protect. It will monitor every traffic that is coming and going out from your system. Nowadays many antiviruses come with VPN integrated they will provide you complete online security.

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