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WhatsApp Payments feature now available for users in India


WhatsApp Payments feature now available for users in India and You will know everything about this feature how to send and receive money from WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been testing its digital payments feature for both Android and iOS in India for some time now. Currently, in beta stage, testers have now found the payments feature appearing in their WhatsApp Settings menu with a large list of supported banks displaying in the WhatsApp user interface.

As reported by Indian Express, the latest feature on the messaging app is not active on all users yet. To activate the feature you need to on the latest update of WhatsApp. And if someone who has the feature of WhatsApp payment already live messages to your device, you will need to reboot the app in order to get ‘Payments’ reflect on your app. Once the Payments is reflected in your app, all you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps to start transferring money via WhatsApp.

How to Activate UPI or Unified Payments Interface on WhatsApp

1. Go to settings.
2. Tap on Payments.
3. You will be asked to ‘add a bank account’ here.
4. Once you tap on ‘add new bank account’, a pop up will appear that will ask you accept the terms and conditions offered by the messaging app.
5. After you have accepted the terms and conditions, all you need to do is verify your mobile number.
6. This where the UPI comes to play, UPI will not check the entered mobile number and the bank accounts linked with it. Hence you need to make sure that the mobile phone has the same SIM card that you use for your WhatsApp account.
7. After your mobile number has been verified, the list of banks that support the feature will appear.
8. You need to select your bank account with which your UPI is activated.
9. Now, you have selected the bank account you would like to add to UPI on WhatsApp.
10. Upon doing this, you will now need to create a Virtual Payee Address (VPA), for this you would need to put in the last six digits of debit card number along with necessary details.
11. After doing that, you can now send money to a chat or to a group.

Note: If the user you wish to send money doesn’t have WhatsApp Payments, ‘then the app will notify you about the same.

Last month, WhatsApp had officially rolled out “WhatsApp Business”, a free-to download Android app for small businesses to help them communicate better with their customers and vice-versa in India.

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