Microsoft powerpoint comes with different views to help you while you are creating a presentation. The two main views you can use in powerpoint are Normal view and slide sorter view. To easily switch between views, click the button at the lower left corner of powerpoint window.

Normal view

Normal view is the one that you are working with most of the time .In normal view , you can add text, pictures and create notes , etc

Outline view

The outline view allows working with the text . you can promote and demote text to create the main points and sub points, move the text around , create summary slides, etc.

Slide view

The slide view shown one slide at a time . In this view you can see individual slides in detail, and work with pictures and diagrams etc.

Slides sorter view

In Slide sorter view you can see all the slides in the presentation at the same t i m e , d i s p l a y e d in miniature. you cannot add text or pictures in slide sorter view, but you can change the order of slides, delete slides and add transition and animation effects.

Slide show view

The slide show view is used for giving an on – screen presentation.

Changing the view

click the desired icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.


step-1 click the view Menu.

step-2 click at the desired view.

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