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Intellectual property Rights


property is anything you own. you have rights over property. It is protected by law. similarly, ideas and thinking produced by the mind are also protected by law . It is illegal to use them without the permission of the owner or producer. The rights related to literary or artistic work, inventions , discoveries , etc are called intellectual property rights.

Due to the advancement of technology and the advent of computers, information storing becomes more easier. The Internet is also a huge storage house of information. small disks can contain thousands of lines of valuable information . This does not , howeve mean that you can use this information [ created by other people ] as you wish without permission . These are certain issues relating to the use of such information.

you use intellectual property all the time , whether you know it or not . For example , in most of the books , magazines the matter belongs to the author who writes them or to the publishing company that printed them. The same also applines to software , music , and art.

copyright c

you must have seen this c symbol c enclosed within a circle on different items , books , magazines and even web pages. This symbol generally comes before a statement , ALL Right Reserved.

software piracy
development .

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