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Inserting a New slide – Powerpoint


To insert a new slide in a presentation, click the new slide button on the standard toolbar . you can also choose the New slide option form the Insert menu.

To move to the previous slide or to the New next slide, you can use the previous slide slide and the next slide buttons on the vertical scroll bar. To get a close- up view of the slide, use the zoom box on the standard tool bar.

opening an Existing presentation

To open an existing presentation , perform the following steps:

step-1: select the open an Existing presentation option from the powerpoint box. The open dialog box appears as shown.

step-2: select the appropriate drives and folder.

step-3: Type the name of the pwerpoint file to the be opended in the file name box or select a file name from the list.

step-4: click the open button . The selected file opens.

Create a New slide - Powerpoint

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