How to Change the Mouse settings

To make change the mouse settings; perform the following  steps:-

Step-1.  Open the  control panel  by clicking on start -> setting -> control panel

Step-2. Double click  the Mouse icon to  open it.

Step-3. The  Mouse  properties  dialog box [ having three tabs at the top]  open the Button tab is selected by default as  shown below:

You  can adjust the  mouse as left handed  or right handed according to your  requirements. You can also adjust the double  click speed according to your preference.
To make the required changes;  perform the following  steps:

Interchanging  the Buttons( adjust the  mouse as left handed  or right handed )

Step-1. if  you are a right  handed person; uncheck the Button configuration

Step-2.  If you are a left  handed person: check the Button configration

Changing the  Double click speed

Step-1. Drag  the slider to  the left, that is towards the slow end. This allows  you to double click at a slow rate. you can open your programs at large intervals  between double clicking.

Step-2.  Drag the  slider towards right i.e towards the fast end in order to decrease the time interval  between double clicking. 

And in last after you make changes Click on ok to save setup.

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