Employee Management System Project in PHP

employee management system

The project name “Employee attendance management system” basically helps the organization to manage the attendance of their employee. This project is developed in PHP on the CodeIgniter framework, the database of this project is in MySQL and the frontend is designed using the bootstrap designing framework, HTML, CSS, Jquery.

This attendance management system project in PHP has two types of user:)

1. Admin and,

2. Employee.

Admin can see their daily logged-in time and logged out time. Admin can also view their monthly attendance and search for the past month’s data.

employee management system

Admin :-

  • User of role admin can view the detail of all his employees and check their in and out time on daily basis.
  • Admin also can monitor absent/present of employees.
  • Also, he can check past month record of their employees.


  • Employee can login to make his presence on the day he/she is login, after that it will be marked as present and the time of logged in is stored.
  • Employee can create their account on the portal.
  • The employee can view the status i.e, he is late or on time.

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